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Got something better to do?

You need a Bookkeeper

Get help with your bookkeeping and achieve more in your day.

I believe the important things should be done on time. Morning coffee before you face the rest of the world. Client appointments. Gym. Dinner time. Paying bills. Settling onto the couch after a busy day. But in our fast-tempo lives, finding the time to achieve everything you want can be difficult.


You’re busy making money to make ends meet.

Maybe you keep putting things on the backburner. Or you’re sick of wasting time with receipts, statements and budgets. After all, there are better things to do.

But your business is your baby. It’s more than numbers. It’s more than budgets, business plans and a brand name. It needs breathing space to grow. To be the hero in someone else’s story. To solve challenges or tackle those tedious responsibilities.

And it doesn’t fit in a little box, with unaccounted for receipts spilling out. 

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Who is Behind Keynote Bookkeeping?

Like your business, Keynote Bookkeeping doesn't fit in a box either.

If you must put me in a box, I’m a small business bookkeeper in West Melbourne. But I’m also a business owner, analyser of numbers, data specialist and creator of budgets. So, like you and your business, I don’t fit neatly in a little box.

In fact, my expertise lies outside the box, in helping you achieve a better work-life balance and make smarter business decisions.

Every business is different. Whether you’re a sole trader or have a team behind you, Keynote Bookkeeping gives you time, peace of mind and valuable insights around your numbers.

Some people cut corners and cook their books to deflate expenses. I simmer them, above board, and treat your business’s books with the same attention to detail as I do to my own.

Want to know more?

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Why Choose Keynote Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a burden for many business owners. It’s time-consuming, exhausting and stressful. Yet without organised accounts, even the strongest businesses can fall into the red. 

Keynote Bookkeeping tackles the toughest of numbers to give you:

  1. More time: To focus on running a business and taking care of the important things in your life

  2. Account guidance: To make sense of your numbers without the jargon

  3. Exceptional customer service: A customer-centric focus to ensure you get more than a bookkeeper, you have someone who is approachable and prioritises your business needs

  4. Cost savings: Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounts can be more cost-effective than struggling with numbers on your own

  5. Smarter systems: Professional advice on the best accounting and payroll systems for your business, current with the latest technology and security

  6. Peace of mind: To achieve a profitable and sustainable long-term business

  7. BAS services at a bookkeeper price: A registered BAS service under supervision of a BAS agent to facilitate lodgments

Whatever your financial situation, whatever your business needs, I’ll help free up your time so you can do more of what you love. As a bookkeeper in Altona, West Melbourne my bookkeeping services and knowledge of numbers provide a detailed look into the financial health of your business and the steps needed to make informed strategic decisions based on data. 

When it’s time to hang your ‘keys’ up at the end of a long day, why worry about business finances and data entry? 

Get in touch today to discuss how I can help with your business accounts.

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