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Meet Naomi Keys – a Small Business Bookkeeper in Melbourne

Life is short and time is precious. I believe in savouring the things that make you happy. Why not make time for who and what’s important and spend more time building a good business and doing what you love? 

Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, limited time makes it hard. We get caught up in the chaos. We forget to take a moment. And when it’s time to stop, we’re focused on other essentials like servicing clients or planning the next product launch.

In 2018, I founded Keynote Bookkeeping to make other business owner’s lives easier. I can’t create more time, but I’ll free up yours.

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Why Do You Need a Small Business Bookkeeper?

Because your time is precious.

And don’t you have something better to do? Meet with clients. Feed the kids or fur babies. Family time. Enjoy a romantic dinner. Netflix and chill on the couch. Book a weekend away. Find ways to make your business better. There’s a lot you can do with freed-up time.

You keep doing what you do best – running a good business. Whilst I look after your accounts.

Bookkeeping isn’t fun for most people (unless you’re twisted like me), but it’s a core part of a successful business. A business that does more than ‘make ends meet’. Allow me to care for your numbers, whilst you care for the creative side of your business.

Do You Find Yourself?

  • Tearing your hair out paying bills

  • Checking receipts late after work when you should be switched off

  • Balancing books and budgets

  • Sorting bank statements and financial reports

  • Juggling Single Touch Payroll

  • Lodging BAS statements

  • Struggling with tedious data entry

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, you could benefit from a small business bookkeeper in Melbourne.

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How My Experience Helps You

I help you service your clients better by organising the paperwork (and digital) chaos.

Australian legislation requires all businesses, regardless of their size, keep current financial records and be able to clearly track all necessary taxes and levies if audited.

As a fully qualified and insured bookkeeper with over 5 years’ experience, I handle your payroll, bank reconciliations, superannuation and organise BAS preparation and lodgement. I’m also a registered MYOB & QuickBooks bookkeeper in Melbourne, with a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting.

My background in recruitment payroll, where I managed payments for 100-150 casual staff weekly, taught me the skills to work with small-medium businesses and individuals.

Ready to Partner with Me for Reliable and Professional Bookkeeping Services?

I’m particularly experienced in handling bookkeeping for specialised industries such as health beauty and fitness.

Ask Me About:

I’m the key to managing your daily finances and keeping your operations clean and tangle-free.

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